A Vegetarian Diet Full of Protein

vegetarian protein

Becoming a vegetarian is a big step for many people, and it changes your whole life. It is not uncommon for people to talk about how much more energy they have now, along with how they have lost some weight. However, there are many that bring to question just how a vegetarian is able to get the protein that their bodies need to function. It is important that any vegetarian diet include enough sources of protein to survive. There are dangers in not eating enough protein.

The main danger of not having enough protein in your diet includes being under nourished. This under nourishment can lead to:

– Being underweight

– Dry skin

– Fragile hair

– No energy

– Digestive issues

– No immunity

– Rashes

– Protruding stomach

Those who do not eat protein, or do not eat enough of this can find that the long term effects can result in physical disabilities, mental disabilities, coma, shock and even death.

However, just because you are a vegetarian does not mean that you have to become under nourished when it comes to protein. There are plenty of foods that are going to keep with the vegetarian lifestyle while still offering you protein, that you greatly need.

How Much Protein Do You Need

There is not a set number on how much protein you need to intake. This varies from person to person, depending upon the body weight of the person. The American Medical Association has stated that a person who is 18 years of age and older needs to intake 0.8 g of protein for every kilogram of their body weight.

Vegetarian Foods to Eat When Wanting Protein

There are several foods that you can eat that are going to offer the protein that you so desperately need in your body. These foods include:

– Green peas, about one cup of these will contain around 7.9 grams of protein. Even eating these blended into something else, will still give you the protein that you need.

– Nuts are a great source of good fats and protein. Be sure to choose those raw or dry roasted nuts to ensure you are not taking in more calories that what you really need.

– Tofu is often used as a meat substitution for vegetarians, and it is packed with protein. It can be thrown into any dish, as it does not have a taste.

– Eat your greens, such as spinach, broccoli and basically any other green vegetable out there. These are packed full of proteins that are going to be helpful to your body.

Even if you do decide to eat a vegetarian diet, you are going to find that you can have enough protein without resulting to eating meat. There are several vegetables and other foods that are going to aid in getting the protein that you need for your body. There is no excuse why anyone should feel as though they are not getting enough protein when on a vegetarian diet with all of these yummy options.


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