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A Vegetarian Life and Makeup

Being a vegetarian is a more of a lifestyle choice, and a way of changing your life. Most people view this type of life as one in which you simply choose not to eat meats and products that contain eggs or meats. And in those lifestyles that are more extreme, the person may not eat dairy since this does come from animals. But, a vegetarian diet is more than just what you eat, it is about embracing a lifestyle that is not going to damage other living creatures in the world. That is why, vegetarian makeup is a huge issue for many women, who may  not even realize that their old makeup is going against their lifestyle.

Do You Know What’s In Your Makeup?

There are several animal products that are contained in regular makeup on the shelves, and most women are unaware of just what they are putting on their skin. A few examples are:

  • Anti-aging skincare products have methods of boosting collagen synthesis, but this is often made from rooster combs
  • The collagen in products are made from chicken feet and ground animal horns
  • Glucosamine that is meant to even skin tone is produced from chicken bone marrow
  • Elastin products come from the neck ligaments and aortas of cows
  • Fish scales are what gives your shampoo and other products that shining effect
  • Whale vomit was often used in perfumes, and a few manufacturers still use this today

Every year, tons of animal products are used to produce makeup, shampoos, perfumes, conditioners and the like. If you are true vegetarian, then this should bother you. The good news is that you can find vegetarian makeup or vegan makeup that is made from pure ingredients that are found in nature.

Vegetarian Makeup: What To Look For

When you are looking for vegetarian makeup, you are wanting to find makeup that is made from plants, botanicals, and minerals (give them a chance, try free samples of bare minerals). In addition, you are going to want to look at how these ingredients are grown and where they are found. For example, you want plants that are grown without pesticide, as these pesticides can linger and then absorbed by your skin.

Always look at the company and if they state that they make their products without the use of animal and animal by products. If the company does not state this, then you may want to reconsider. Most companies who are offering vegetarian makeup to the market are going to proudly  display their techniques and are ready to tell people of how they do this. This is one of the appeals of buying from such a company.

There are more and more companies that enter the market everyday in order to offer the world a vegetarian or vegan make choice. You will find that with all the choices, there is no reason that you have to stop your way of life to get the makeup look that you wish to have.

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